“A Furry Tale of Unstoppable Friendship Between a Kitten with Cerebellar Impairment and Its Companion Who Sees No Limits”

Despite its cerebellar impairment, the small cat may seem a little wobbly when walking, but it remains determined to live its life just like any other regular feline. What’s truly heartwarming is that its furry companion doesn’t see any differences and treats it with the same love and care as it would another cat.

Meet Derencho, the lovable feline with an exceptional condition called CH!

In 2012, on the occasion of Independence Day, a family brought a 7-week-old kitten to Friends of Felines Rescue Center (FFRC) out of concern for its well-being. The kitten was born in a stack of wood, and it was discovered that it had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a neurological ailment that affects coordination and movement. Despite this, the kitten’s disability never diminished its good spirits. Although Derecho, as he was named, had difficulty walking, he always remained optimistic and cheerful. When his mother decided to relocate the litter to a new location, Derecho was unable to keep up with the others and was left behind. The caring family that was taking care of the kittens found him and took him to FFRC in Defiance, Ohio. Upon arriving at the center, they discovered that the town had recently experienced a severe storm called a derecho. Because of his perseverance in overcoming hardships, they named him Derecho, which is Spanish for “straight ahead” or “direct.”

Jacci has shared that Derecho was among the first CH cats to be taken in by FFRC. Despite his condition, he acts just like any regular cat and has shown himself to be quite exceptional. The staff at FFRC affectionately refer to him as “D” Man and he has exceeded all expectations since coming to the shelter.

This kitty has become a pro at maintaining balance by extending its limbs. Even though it may teeter and topple over, it keeps pushing forward with unwavering resolve until it reaches its goal. This extraordinary feline possesses a heart filled with compassion and has even offered comfort to those seeking solace. Derecho has now reached adulthood.

At FFRC, Derecho is quite popular among kittens as he is known for being a nurturing and caring figure, much like a beloved uncle. Jacci mentions that he has attended to many kittens by bathing and taking care of them. His gentle demeanor has earned him the title of the peacekeeper at FFRC, where he showers rescue kittens with love and affection.

The FFRC team has been motivated by Derecho’s tale to lend their helping hand to other cats with CH. Jacci mentioned that they were compelled to aid the felines after seeing how their assistance led to Derecho’s content and satisfying life. They are resolute in their mission to spread happiness among other cats with CH by providing them with similar care and attention.

Over the course of its existence, FFRC has provided shelter and care for a variety of cats with special needs. Fortunately, many of these felines have been able to find permanent homes where they are loved and cared for. Among these inspiring cats is Derecho, who has become a source of inspiration for those around him due to his unwavering determination. Rather than dwelling on his challenges, Derecho chooses to focus on enjoying life and playing whenever possible. One individual undergoing chemotherapy even keeps a picture of Derecho nearby as a reminder to remain resolute and optimistic in the face of adversity. After all, if Derecho can maintain such a positive outlook despite his obstacles, surely anyone can follow suit.

FFRC houses a cat named Derecho who has won the hearts of many volunteers. They consider him as their own and have learned valuable life lessons from him. Derecho’s survival of a storm has taught them how precious life is and how they can control their experiences. Despite his hardships, Derecho has become a beacon of hope for those around him.

Derecho successfully climbed up the tall oak tree by himself and made it to the third tier.

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