A Heartwarming Tale of a Stray Kitten’s Journey to Finding Love and Belonging in a Big Family.

The tiny tabby found on the streets was overjoyed to be taken in by a loving family who cared for her. Unfortunately, the kitten’s sibling didn’t survive, and there was no sign of their mother. The palm-sized cat was in desperate need of rescuing.

When she was just a few days old, she was taken to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. According to Jenny, one of the foster volunteers, they have no idea what happened to her mother or any of her siblings. To ensure the kitten’s survival, the shelter director bottle-fed her for a couple of days until Jenny took over fostering her when the tabby was about ten days old.

According to Love Meow, Jenny chose to name her kitten Fergie after the location where she was discovered. Fergie was a healthy and robust kitten who weighed six ounces and exhibited a strong desire to survive. Jenny is an experienced foster parent who has cared for numerous newborns and neonatal kittens in critical condition. She expressed her happiness that Fergie appeared to be in excellent health.

Even though Fergie experienced some digestive problems, she didn’t let it stop her from enjoying all the food she wanted and taking her medication like a pro. I kept a close eye on her to ensure she didn’t get dehydrated while her weight gain slowed down. Fortunately, Fergie is a resilient kitten who fought through it with the assistance of antibiotics.

Fergie has been making impressive progress in just a short span of time, showing more energy and inquisitiveness. Jenny, the caretaker, remains dedicated to providing excellent care to ensure that Fergie reaches the crucial 8-week mark in the best condition possible.
Jenny shared that she constantly worries about her foster kittens until they reach 8 weeks old, but she’s optimistic about Fergie’s future as she seems to be thriving with good health and happiness.

While fostering kittens, I’ve come across a little one with the biggest appetite. Despite her hunger, she’s still small enough to fit in my hand. Fergie is a vocal kitty and demands attention whenever she’s awake. However, she’s making progress and starting to explore her surroundings. This brave tabby has even made friends with other resident cats and dogs and loves to play with them.

The feline companions I have at home are gradually developing an inclination towards the newcomer and building an amicable relationship with her. Gray, in particular, enjoys playing a game of hide-and-seek with Fergie and tapping on her when she’s cozied up under a blanket. As for Fergie, she possesses a confident and self-reliant personality while also exuding a lively and affectionate demeanor. According to Jenny, after feeding time, Fergie relishes being cuddled to one’s chest while being tenderly patted like a little infant.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I could see that she was destined to rule the roost once she finds her forever home. With her irresistible charm and petite paw, she has already wrapped me around it! Fergie, the newest addition to our household, idolizes resident cat Freddie. He is nothing but kind to his mini-me and even allows her to share his throne.

Fergie, who is only five weeks old, may be small in size but her personality is huge. Despite her tiny stature, she has not yet reached the one-pound mark, although her caretakers are doing their best to help her gain weight. Although Fergie is a slow eater and still prefers her bottle, her caregivers understand that weaning is a process that takes time and varies from kitten to kitten. Moreover, they have noticed that Fergie seems to think that feeding should occur every time she is picked up and held.

Jenny expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to foster and adore a lovely kitten, describing her as a precious find. She added that she considers herself fortunate to be able to care for her until she finds a loving home. This statement was reported by Love Meow.

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