A Heroic Dog’s Sacrifice: Shielding its Owner from a Venomous Cobra Attack

A sad event took place in Bhubaneswar, Odisha where a brave Dalmatian lost its life while defending its family from a deadly cobra. Ameen Sharif, the owner of the pet, was surprised to hear loud barking in the wee hours of the morning and saw his dog Tyson fighting with the venomous snake. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t save their loyal and courageous one-and-a-half-year-old Dalmatian as he had already killed the poisonous cobra.

The family was completely taken aback when they witnessed their beloved pet, Tyson, suffer from an unknown ailment, which is shown in a disturbing video. Ameen, who was worried about Tyson’s health, carefully examined him for any signs of snake bites and discovered blood on the left side of his face, which made him apprehensive about the situation.

A guy phoned the snake hotline after spotting a snake in his backyard. He filmed the reptile and sent it to Subhendu Mallik, an experienced individual who determined it as an Indian cobra. Mallik cautioned the family to hurry up and take their dog to the veterinarian after the occurrence. Regrettably, because it occurred very late at night, there were no accessible vets, which resulted in the death of their dog, Tyson, within half an hour.

Amin shared with Ommcom News that they recently witnessed Tyson, their beloved pet, struggling with a cobra just a few feet away from their porch. Despite their efforts to call veterinary physicians for an anti-venom dose, no one responded during the late hour. Unfortunately, Tyson passed away after being bitten by the snake. While the family was able to save themselves, they could not save their loyal pet in time. Despite this tragic event, the family will always remember Tyson’s loyalty and bravery. It is disappointing that there are numerous hospitals available for human emergencies that operate 24/7, yet there are none for animals. Mr. Mallik also mentioned that Tyson saved them from a dreadful situation. However, this situation highlights the lack of veterinary care available in Odisha, where even sick animals cannot receive prompt treatment. Please share this story with your loved ones to bring awareness to this issue.

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