“A Tale of a Moody Shelter Cat: Giving Voice to the Unnoticed Feline”

One evening, Francisca Franken was scrolling through her neighborhood animal shelter’s website when she chanced upon a cat that caught her eye. This cat was not like any other, with its peculiar flat face, disheveled appearance, and melancholy stare. Its images intrigued her so much that she couldn’t help but pause from browsing further. When asked by The Dodo, Franken revealed that she immediately fell in love with the feline’s portrait. She was amused by the photographs and was astonished that she had never seen a cat with such unique features before.

Rushing against time, she hastily typed a message to inquire about the availability of the adorable kitty at the animal shelter. Her mind was filled with worries all night long, unable to shake off the thought of them not responding. Finally, when she contacted the shelter, they seemed surprised that someone was interested in Bean. The woman on the phone even mistakenly assumed that she had dialed the wrong number as no one had ever inquired about Bean before.

Bean used to live as a homeless cat in a trailer park until she was taken to the shelter. Sadly, Bean had never known what it felt like to be loved and cared for by a family. She was also suffering from several illnesses, including an eye infection. Fortunately, Franken was determined to give Bean the life she deserved.

Franken has a vivid memory of the first time he met Bean. A kind woman showed him the way to her room, and he was left in awe at the sight of her. Bean was a petite cat with short legs, a small tail, and a flat face that was different from any other cat Franken had seen before. Even though he was surprised at first, Franken was overwhelmed with emotion and broke down in tears upon seeing Bean. She exceeded his expectations and was everything he could have hoped for and more.

Without any delay, Franken took Bean to her new abode and the feline quickly conveyed her gratefulness towards her new caretaker. Franken noticed that Bean was especially fond of her in the initial days and would constantly seek her attention. But as the days went by, Franken sensed that Bean had started to comprehend that she need not put up an act of being fond of her. Bean understood that Franken would never leave her alone again. As a result, Bean started to exhibit her sassiness and sarcasm to Franken, which didn’t bother Franken at all as she cherished Bean’s genuineness.

Franken’s dear pet, Bean, has developed a strong attachment to her owner and can often be found by her side. Sleeping in the same bed as Franken every night and accompanying her on every adventure, Bean has become a loyal companion. What makes this four-legged friend even more interesting is her unusual taste for olives. In fact, olives are the only food that Bean loves almost as much as her beloved owner. Whenever Bean catches a whiff of olive or olive brine, she becomes ecstatic. It all began when Bean snatched an olive from Franken’s hand one night during a snack session. Since then, Bean has been sneaking around, taking olives and hiding under the sofa for some well-deserved alone time with her favorite treat.

The chemical compounds known as isoprenoids, similar to the active ingredient in catnip, can be found in green olives and pimentos. Bean, a feline, is particularly fond of these tasty snacks and even gets upset when her owner removes them from the fridge. Fortunately, olives are safe for cats in limited amounts, so Bean’s owner rewards her with a small serving as a treat.

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