Introducing Pisco: The Adorable Feline with Big Eyes Resembling the Famous Puss in Boots

We’re all familiar with the charming, Spanish feline who stole our hearts with his sword-fighting skills and stylish boots in Shrek 2. Puss in Boots is renowned for his debonair personality, but let’s face it, his most potent weapon is his eyes. The way he gazes up at you with those big, pleading peepers is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. You’d be forgiven for thinking that such incredible eyes could only exist in the world of animation, but we’ve come across a real-life cat who bears a striking resemblance to our beloved Puss in Boots!

Pisco ginger not only shares the name of a beloved cartoon feline, but also possesses oversized eyes similar to Puss in Boots. Gazing into Pisco’s eyes gives the impression of peering into a bottomless pit.

At first, Pisco’s family didn’t realize that their new kitten resembled Puss in Boots from the fairy tale. It’s because most kittens are incredibly cute and innocent-looking.

Pisco’s fur is fluffier and his shade is not precisely like Puss in Boots. It took some time before his family realized that he had an animated doppelganger.

Once you lay your eyes on it, it’s hard to ignore the adorable big eyes of Pisco, which has become quite a sensation on the internet. Pisco has even gained a huge following of over 600,000 on Instagram.

Like many others, we can’t seem to get enough of this cute little kitten. Just a glance into its eyes brightens up our entire day, and we feel grateful for being able to experience such an overload of cuteness.

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