Meet Luhu, the Adorably Gloomy Cat Taking the Internet by Storm

Luhu, the feline, was left with large, sorrowful eyes following a medical operation.

PHOTO: Luhu has over 73,000 followers on his Instagram page.

Maggie Liu, the owner of the internet sensation cat Luhu, has gained more than 73,000 followers on Luhu’s Instagram page. Luhu’s endearing droopy brows coupled with his big eyes make him an irresistible feline to many admirers. However, his signature facial expression was not something he was born with. As a kitten, Luhu had to undergo major surgery due to eye infections, which consequently affected his vision. As a result of this condition, he opens his eyes wide when he needs to concentrate. Nevertheless, Luhu continues to capture the hearts of many with his unique features and charming personality.

PHOTO: Luhu was born August 12, 2012.

Luhu, a charming and one-of-a-kind feline, was born on August 12, 2012. His owner, Maggie Liu, opened an Instagram account for him using the handle @lanlan731. Since then, Luhu’s lovable appearance has garnered more than 73,000 followers. Despite being aware of Luhu’s unique appeal, Liu is still amazed by his widespread fame. Initially, she only intended to post pictures of her cats on Instagram for her own amusement and never thought that Luhu would become such a sensation.

PHOTO: Luhu has two brothers named Barher and Bardie.

Meet Maggie Liu, a cat enthusiast and proud owner of three adorable tabbies, Luhu, Barher and Bardie. While many pet owners crave for their pets to be in the spotlight, Liu prefers to simply share Luhu’s adventures on Instagram. She describes her cats as extremely friendly and never engaging in any fights, making them the perfect companions. Liu hopes to keep her furry friends healthy and happy, living with her for as long as possible.

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