Rescued and Rehomed: The Tale of a Struggling Kitten Finding a Forever Home with Her Sibling Amongst Boulder Dwellings

Just like how every baby needs a loving mother, even kittens need one too. Without the love and care of their mothers, young cats can face many risks even though they are known to be strong and independent creatures.

Uniquely named Unni and Nami, which translate to “sea urchin” and “wave” in Japanese, used to reside with their mother under the rocks by the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey. However, one day, their cat mother unexpectedly left without any apparent reason, leaving her two daughters behind.

As the younger sibling, I was quite innocent and carefree in comparison to my sister. Shortly after our mother left, our cat became sick and looked tired and upset. Luckily, a kind man noticed our situation and decided to help. At first, rescuing the scared and cautious bi-color kitty was quite challenging, but the persistent man wasn’t willing to give up on her. He kept coming back every day, and finally on the fourth day, he successfully lured her with some tasty treats.

The man hurriedly took his cat to a nearby veterinary clinic where he was informed of several health issues she was facing, such as diarrhea, parasites, and a cold. The cat had to remain at the clinic for some time, and throughout that difficult period, the man made sure to visit her every day.

The sky cat transformed into the sweetest kitty once she started opening her heart. She adored being petted and would always rub her body against her rescuer’s hand, craving attention and love. Eventually, after making a full recovery, she was brought to her rescuer’s home, which had now become her forever home. This heart-warming rescue is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Uni’s sister, named Nami, was also saved shortly after Uni. Nami proved to be quite intelligent as she voluntarily entered the carrier all by herself, showcasing her understanding of the situation. Check out the amazing rescue below:

These two lovely siblings are presently relishing a wonderful life together with their Japanese father and Turkish mother taking care of them. To witness more of their charming moments, feel free to check out their YouTube channel or sub-channel.

If you adore Uni and Nami as much as we do, kindly spread their story among your loved ones!

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