From Stray to Star: The Rise of Mr. Hobo Highwaters

Anthony Di Sano is a passionate cat lover residing in Rhode Island, where the winters can often be cold and unforgiving. Being empathetic towards stray cats, who are left to fend for themselves with nowhere to go, Anthony makes an effort to feed and take care of them as best as he can. In return, he gains their trust and the chance to capture some amazing photographs.

While performing his usual alley cat duties, Anthony stumbled upon a stunning white feline that stood out from the rest. Unlike the typical alley cat, this one had a unique quality that made it seem out of place. It left a lasting impression on Anthony’s mind, and he knew he had to help this special cat by providing it with a loving home filled with care and affection. Determined to gain the cat’s trust, Anthony dedicated himself to his mission, and in the end, he succeeded. Now, the alley cat is known as Mr. Hobo Highwaters, living a comfortable life with Anthony and free from the hardships of street life.

I had the chance to chat with Anthony when I stumbled upon an online photo of Mr. Hobo. The feline’s captivating eyes seem to suggest that he has a fascinating tale to tell. His name is also pretty awesome! Continue reading to discover more about this charming cat.

1. How did you first meet Mr. Hobo? For the last 14 years, I have been providing food to homeless or stray cats in an adjacent alley. In return, I take their pictures. Whenever I observe that any of them are in poor health, I rescue them. Mr. Hobo Highwaters was one of them. He appeared to be in bad shape. However, saving him was a piece of cake. He gradually became affectionate, so I picked him up and took him to my home. 2. Do you have any interesting pet names for him? Mr. Hobo Highwaters goes by various titles such as White Dynamite, Great White, White Lion, Big Bud, and Fat Cat. However, most people refer to him as Hobo.

3. How would you describe his character? The Alley had transformed Mr. Hobo Highwaters’ personality completely; he used to be harsh and aggressive, frequently swiping at me for no apparent reason. However, once I saved him and brought him inside, everything changed. His fur grew long and bushy, and he now loves being petted and playing all the time. He enjoys sleeping on his back and having his tummy rubbed while doing so. He craves attention and actively seeks it out, often headbutting, licking, and rabbit kicking all day long. 4. Are there any other cats residing with Mr. Hobo Highwaters? Mr. Hobo Highwaters cohabits with three other rescued kitties: Brutus the Barber Beefcake, KC the former Computer Store Cat, and Little Kitty the Hamburgler.

Is there anything unique that you would like people to know about your cat? Personally, I love discussing his incredible transformation from a scrappy alley cat to a beloved house pet. I have documented the entire process with numerous photos, showcasing the stark contrast between his former rough, tough, and unclean appearance and his current luxurious, long-haired coat and friendly demeanor. It’s truly remarkable how he has developed into a healthy and affectionate furry companion.

Anthony runs a Facebook community exclusively for people who take care of cats that live outside, including feral and stray cats. He strongly believes that every cat has the right to be recognized and loved, and I appreciate people like Anthony who demonstrate kindness and compassion towards all cats, regardless of their circumstances.

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