Blind Kitten Finds Comfort and Love with Her Adoptive Mother

Elsa, the adorable kitten, has earned herself a nickname – “Velcro Cat” – because of her affectionate behavior towards her foster mom, Crystal Mackey. Elsa has a habit of snuggling up to Mackey and attaching herself to her like Velcro. Within an hour of her arrival, Elsa discovered how warm and cozy Mackey’s neck was and started balancing on her shoulder to snuggle up close. Since then, Elsa couldn’t get enough of snuggling up to Mackey, and every time she found her, she would climb her way up and give her kisses.

Velcro Cat, formerly known as Elsa, used to live in an outdoor pool store in Sydney, Australia until she was rescued by CatRescue 901. The rescuers found her alone, without any family members nearby. She was estimated to be about 4 weeks old and was born blind, with only tiny pink holes where her eyes should have been. Due to her special needs, the rescuers sought out a rescue group to help care for her and quickly connected with CatRescue 901, an organization that specializes in rescuing abandoned kittens and cats.

Elsa, a poor little cat, was unfortunately dealing with numerous health problems such as lice, fleas, ringworm, and intestinal worms. Additionally, she had difficulty walking due to a diagnosis of cerebellar hypoplasia made by a veterinary neurologist. Elsa also lacked fully formed eyes and had a noticeable head wobble. Nevertheless, she was an extremely loving and affectionate cat who purred for attention, according to Jenny Storaker, a cofounder of CatRescue 901.

Due to the absence of a specific shelter, Elsa had to be placed under the care of a foster family, as per the rescue group’s protocol. Mackey came forward to take up the responsibility and undertook a four-hour round trip to fetch her. Elsa remained silent throughout most of the ride, except for the final leg of the journey, according to Mackey’s account.

Mackay shared an adorable incident where she had her brother and their pet carrier in the car. As soon as her brother opened the carrier’s door, the pet looked at Mackay with a curious expression and wobbled its head as if to ask, “Who are you?” This heart-melting moment made Mackay fall in love with the pet instantly.

Upon arriving at their abode, Elsa immediately snuggled up to Mackey, earning herself the adorable moniker of Velcro Cat. According to the narrator, not only did Elsa roll around in their lap, but she also purred incessantly.

Elsa may find it comfortable to cuddle on Mackey’s lap, but she seems to experience difficulty when it comes to walking or moving around. In an effort to assist Elsa, Mackey devotes time to conducting daily physical therapy sessions with her.

According to Mackey, the process of teaching her how to walk and play with toys lasted for an entire week. However, the efforts were fruitful as she eventually started running and jumping. It was interesting to note that she had a particular fondness for a ‘crinkle ball’ toy which made a lot of noise.

Elsa can now freely run and play with the same energy as other kittens her age, without any hindrance.

According to Mackey, his pet loves to take her toys everywhere she goes and believes that she’s cleverly hiding them by placing them next to their shoes. She adores playing in the grass under supervision and would chase Mackey for almost half an hour before wandering off to explore. Additionally, she has a peculiar habit of climbing up on the bathroom sink and dunking her head under running water until she gets completely soaked, after which she’d run around the house excitedly.

Despite Elsa’s love for adventure, she prefers to stay close to Mackey. Whenever they are apart, Elsa would make a meowing sound to let Mackey know that she is looking for him.

At first, Mackey’s intention was only to act as a foster parent to Elsa. She even went ahead and arranged meetings with potential adopters. However, Mackey soon discovered that she had developed an emotional connection with Elsa, similar to what Elsa had developed with her.

Mackey expressed his anxiety about his friend’s departure, saying that the mere thought of her leaving made him feel unwell. He was concerned about how she would feel and didn’t want her to think that she wasn’t accepted. Mackey wanted his friend to stay permanently so that he could witness her evolution and development.

Elsa decided to remain with Mackey and has been residing with him for almost eight months, bringing immense joy to both of them.

Mackey expressed his fondness for his furry companion, admiring her prominent ears and distinctive white nose and paws. He also mentioned the joy of waking up to her cuddled against his neck every morning. The little girl’s generous nature and significant impact on his life were also noted by Mackey, who hopes to enjoy her company for many more years to come.

Although Elsa is no longer available for adoption, CatRescue 901 has several other felines that need loving homes, such as Stevie Wonder, who is also visually impaired. If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, you can reach out to the rescue organization to learn more about their furry friends. If you’re not in a position to adopt right now, you can still help save more kitties by making a generous donation.

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