The Heartwarming Tale Of A Couple Who Couldn’t Separate A Feline Duo At The Shelter

When Louie and Luna reached STAR Rescue in Gainesville, FL, they found themselves all alone. However, as soon as they met each other, they clicked and became fast friends. They made a pact to never leave each other’s side and now do everything together. Their favorite activities include snuggling and giving each other kisses.

James and his partner went to the animal shelter with the intention of adopting a dog, but somehow they ended up bringing home two adorable kittens instead. Louie, an orange tabby, and Luna, a beautiful brown and orange Maine Coon, immediately clicked and were inseparable from the moment they entered their new home. The couple was surprised to see how quickly the felines bonded with each other, and soon they realized that the cats loved each other more than they ever could have imagined.

Despite our desire to have a furry companion, the reality is that our lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to pet ownership. Living in an apartment and having full-time jobs means we wouldn’t be able to give a dog the attention and care it needs. So, as much as it pains us, we’ve had to put our search for a four-legged friend on hold.

We considered getting a feline friend as the best choice since I have experience with cats and the responsibilities that come with having them as pets.

After a couple of weeks, they made their way back to the shelter as James’ soon-to-be wife had taken quite a liking to the cute pair of cats, Luna in particular.

The couple visited the shelter with the intention of adopting a feline companion. After selecting Luna, they realized that her buddy Louie couldn’t be separated from her. The two cats had formed an unbreakable bond. Thus, they decided to take both cats home to give them love and comfort. They also agreed that Louie would stay with Luna until he finds a permanent home, so that he wouldn’t be sad in the shelter.

The temporary stay didn’t stretch for a long time, and Louie was eventually adopted on a permanent basis.

“We just couldn’t bear to separate Louie from his feline companion after witnessing how comfortable they were together. They love taking care of each other and even snoozing side by side. It’s clear that they make a great team in everything they do.” James happily shares that his cats are now thrilled to have found a forever home where they can stay together for the rest of their lives.

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