Challenging the Naysayers: World’s Chonkiest Cat Owner Addresses Allegations of Intentional Overfeeding to Gain Social Media Attention

Liznya The Cat, a famous feline on Instagram, has been the target of online trolls who accuse her owner of overfeeding her. These accusations have led to negative comments towards the owner, despite Liznya having over 9,500 followers on her Instagram account. Critics claim that the cat was intentionally overfed to become an Instagram sensation. However, the Russian owner denies these claims and is saddened by the hurtful comments directed towards Liznya’s weight.

A Russian fat cat, called Liznya The Cat has come under fire after commenters claimed her owners are 'cruel' for overfeeding her

The internet has been buzzing about Liznya The Cat, a pleasantly plump kitty from Russia. However, not everyone is pleased with her appearance, and some people are pointing fingers at her owners, claiming that they are being cruel by overfeeding her.

The cat's owners hit back, claiming that the weight gain was an unforeseen problem after Liznya's pregnancy

The cat’s owners responded by claiming that they had not expected their furry friend to gain weight after giving birth. However, some individuals expressed their worries about the cat’s wellbeing and criticized the owners for allowing it to become so overweight. In fact, one person even predicted that the cat’s life expectancy would be shortened. Another questioned why the owners had allowed their pet to reach such an unhealthy size in the first place. A third commenter went as far as to condemn the situation as disgusting and drew comparisons with other cases of animal mistreatment. Meanwhile, a fourth individual urged the owners to stop endangering their pet’s life for the sake of appearances and to treat animals with kindness and compassion.

Commenters were quick to point out the Liznya's weight and their concerns surrounding overfeeding

Liznya’s weight gain was quickly noticed by the online community, who expressed concern about possible overfeeding. To clear up any confusion, the cat’s owner posted on Instagram to explain Liznya’s diet and routine. The owner stated that Liznya only eats her prescribed diet food and they never intended to overfeed her. Although Liznya was pregnant and spayed, the owner did not attribute her weight gain solely to these factors.

The large cat has been to the vet since putting on weight and is now on a strict 29 gram diet of  Royal Canin diet cat food

After a recent vet check-up, the plump feline was put on a strict diet of Royal Canin cat food weighing 29 grams in an effort to help her shed some pounds. According to the vets, Liznya’s weight gain was a result of her pregnancy, which required several visits to the vet and various diet cat foods before finding one that worked. However, losing weight is still proving to be a challenge for Liznya despite not gaining any more weight. The owners want to make it clear that they do not condone animal cruelty and have even received death threats from individuals who believe otherwise. They also pointed out that Liznya was slimmer back in 2020 and provided old photos taken from different angles as proof. Liznya can still walk and play, but needs to be more active in order to lose weight. The owner even shared an Instagram story featuring Liznya’s meal, consisting of a precise 29g of Royal Canin diet cat food. It’s important to remember that spreading false information and making death threats is never acceptable.

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