“Cheeky Fun in the Hamptons: Scarlett Johansson and Fiancé Colin Jost Show Off Back Tattoos and Slinky Beachwear”

Actress Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé Colin Jost are enjoying the remaining days of summer sunshine in the Hamptons. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other while spending a day at the beach together on Sunday. Scarlett flaunted her famous curves in a sexy one-piece swimsuit as she dipped her toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Scarlett Johansson was spotted enjoying some beach time with her fiancé Colin Jost in the Hamptons, flaunting her curves and tattoos in a stunning blue swimsuit. The halter-neckline bathing suit had an extremely low back, revealing a hint of side-boob and showcasing Scarlett’s impressive collection of tattoos, including a massive black-and-white rose tattoo on her back, dedicated to her daughter Rose. The actress kept it casual with a blue trucker hat, and she went barefoot in the sand during the outing.

Scarlett flaunted a unique living artwork as she sported a blue one-piece showcasing her expansive rose vine tattoo that peeked through the extremely low back.

Scarlett confidently flaunted her figure in a form-fitting swimsuit that left little to the imagination, revealing a glimpse of side-boob.

The couple seemed to be enjoying their beach time as Colin looked great in his casual swim trunks. His fiancée, the 37-year-old actress, also rocked a similar style with her slate-toned swim trunks. The SNL star was captured holding her close near the shore and even rested his hand on her “pert” bottom. Interestingly, they arrived at the beach in style, avoiding the usual hassle of carrying chairs and coolers on foot. Instead, the duo rode comfortably on a golf cart. It’s safe to say they were having a blast!

Under the sun: The celebrity, who is 34 years old, shielded her face from the sun’s rays and prevented her hair from getting in her face by wearing a blue trucker hat.

The SNL comedian was caught touching his future wife’s firm buttocks in public.

The couple, who typically keep their personal lives private, recently announced their engagement in May. While driving with a teal surfboard in his passenger seat, Jost and Scarlett enjoyed their summer in the Hamptons, a popular spot for the wealthy. During a celiac disease research benefit on the island, Jost opened up about his relationship with the famous actress.

“Time to hit the beach!” exclaimed Scarlett as she quickly pulled on a stylish halter neck sundress over her swimsuit. She knew the importance of keeping covered up and protected from the sun’s rays, while still looking fashionable. Ready to soak up some sun and enjoy a relaxing day at the shore, Scarlett made her way to the beach with a big smile on her face.

Cruising in luxury: While most beach-goers have to haul their gear on foot, the celebrity pair arrived on the sand in a golf cart. During a recent public appearance, one of the celebrities announced that they were getting married, describing it as a crazy experience. They had previously been hesitant about marriage due to hearing mixed messages from others who were either urging them to take the plunge or advising them to wait and not have children.

Hey, let’s go surfing! Colin took the wheel of the cart and placed the surfboard right next to him. Scarlett had to sit at the back.

Hey there! I have some juicy gossip to share with you. It turns out that at a recent event to raise funds for celiac disease research, Jost spilled the beans and admitted that he was actually pretty scared of getting married before he got engaged! Can you believe it? The Weekend Update host has been going steady with Johansson since 2017 and popped the question back in May. This will be his first time walking down the aisle, but it’s not exactly a new experience for Johansson – she’s been married twice before. Her first marriage was to actor Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011, and then she tied the knot with Romain Dauriac from 2014 to 2017.

Colin is gearing up for his first marriage, while Scarlett is getting ready to walk down the aisle for the third time.

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