“Doggy Daycare Adventures: Watch These Pawsome Pups Take a Bus Ride to Playtime Fun!”

In a tiny Alaskan community, a bunch of dogs have a daily routine that’s no different from anyone else’s – they patiently await the arrival of the bus, hop on, and happily greet their pals.

A video featuring a group of dogs commuting on a bus has gone viral on TikTok, receiving almost 52 million views and nine million likes. The clip was shared by Mo Mountain Mutts, a pet care service based in Skagway, Alaska, who specialise in dog walking, pet sitting and family dog training. The company, which is co-owned by husband and wife team Mo and Lee Thompson, offers trail dog pack walks and puppy sessions. Mo began helping out friends by taking their dogs for walks during her lunch break, which led to more groups of dogs being walked together. In the video, the well-behaved pooches wait patiently for their ride, before hopping on and being greeted by their excited bus buddies.

Mo, the owner, mentioned in the comments that they have designated seating for their clients who are regulars. The owners bought the bus recently to provide transportation services for their furry customers. The dogs are securely strapped in for their safety upon settling down. The popularity of the doggy bus has been overwhelming as people adore it.

The couple mentioned that they don’t have any intention of increasing their business, but they aspire to earn some additional income by utilizing TikTok and YouTube. They also plan to offer online training sessions.

Lee expressed his amazement at their profession as he occasionally peers into the rearview mirror of the bus while driving. The sight of all the dogs in the back leaves him in disbelief.

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