Famished, Dehydrated, and Infested: A Harrowing Tale of a Man’s Battle with Maggots and Thirst

It’s hard to understand why someone would subject an innocent creature to such cruelty. The Feed Friends Foundation recently received an emergency request for aid concerning a skinny dog that had become trapped in an isolated area. To make matters worse, the poor pup was tethered to a lengthy chain using a collar, which is how he became stuck in the first place. His hiding place was so hidden that he wasn’t even visible from the highway. Fortunately, a team charged with cleaning up the region came across him and was able to provide assistance.

We couldn’t determine the exact duration of his entrapment, but judging by his distressed expression and deteriorating state, we could tell it had been a considerable while. Despite his apparent surrender, we were determined to rescue him. Our team displayed remarkable efforts in liberating him, and we immediately sought medical attention for him. We decided to call him Alex, as a tribute to the team captain who discovered him.

After enduring exhaustion, hunger, thirst, and a severe wound infested with maggots, Alex needed the best possible foster care to aid his recovery. Thankfully, our friend Thea from Alle Hadoc stepped up to the plate and began an intensive process to nurse him back to health. Despite his traumatic past, Alex’s friendly nature made him a hit with the other dogs and cats in Thea’s care, and he steadily improved. As time passed, we knew that he would make a perfect candidate for adoption, which is why Thea scoured high and low to find him the perfect forever home. Now, Alex lives life to the fullest thanks to his new family!

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all those involved in rescuing Alex. It’s truly inspiring to witness how dogs can still exhibit love and trust towards humans, despite their traumatic pasts. We urge you to continue supporting Alle Hadoc through donations, so that more dogs like Alex can be saved. Together, we can make a difference.

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