“Feline Family Rescued from Basement: A Heartwarming Tale of Unexpected Discovery”

While cleaning out a vacant home, someone stumbled upon a lovely cat and her four adorable kittens in a laundry basket located in the basement. Lori White, a volunteer at the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) animal rescue in Indiana, was notified of this feline family’s discovery.

As per Lori’s statement to Love Meow, a kind-hearted cleaner who was entrusted with the task of cleaning a residence discovered something unbelievable when she entered the basement. A mother cat and her kittens were nestled in a laundry basket, and there was no food or water available for them in the house. Furthermore, since the property was secured with a lockbox, it was unclear how long they had been abandoned there.

Upon discovering the cat and her litter in dire need of assistance, the person who stumbled upon them quickly took matters into their own hands. They gathered up the feline family and brought them back to safety, where they could properly care for the mother and seek out a permanent solution for the litter. Though the tabby was visibly malnourished and starving, she was overjoyed to finally have sustenance and a comfortable environment for her newborns. She eagerly devoured as much food as she could manage and explored her new surroundings before settling down to tend to her four hungry babies.

The kittens were in great condition, well-kept and fit, indicating that their mother had been providing them with excellent care. The discoverer contacted a nearby shelter, and ARPO came to their aid. “The woman brought them to me, and I’m grateful that she went out of her way to assist them and took the necessary steps to ensure their safety,” Lori said to Love Meow.

Upon arrival, the tabby feline greeted everyone with warm affection. After exploring her new surroundings, she summoned her offspring for a quick snack. The room filled with the soft hum of purrs and delicate suckling sounds. The owner, Lori, was pleasantly surprised to find that all four kittens were female orange tabbies. She took this opportunity to name them after the Golden Girls, Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche, while Mama Goldie became the namesake. Lori found it particularly special to have four female gingers, as they are a rarity, accounting for only about 20% of the population. She simply couldn’t resist giving them all names inspired by the famous sitcom.

Mama Goldie is free from any microchip and there’s no owner who has shown up yet to claim her. Nevertheless, her foster family of five is doing quite well and won’t have to face any struggles concerning their meals. The four little ones are always full of energy, playful and ever ready to create a mess. Dorothy, one of the quadruplets, is the quickest to approach her human caretakers and plead for some cuddles.

These little ones are full of energy and curiosity, always exploring their surroundings and keeping their mother on her toes with their mischievous ways. Luckily, Goldie is a fantastic mom who takes care of their every need with patience and love.

Despite being around five weeks old, the kittens are still heavily dependent on their mother’s milk and often try to nurse whenever they can. According to the caretaker, Goldie does an excellent job of keeping her little ones clean, and as a result, they all have adorable round bellies. Meanwhile, the affectionate mother cat is delighted to have found a cozy abode and loving humans who can assist in taking care of her precious brood of four.

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