Feline Fixation: Discover the Cat Who Can’t Part Ways with His Cherished Bottle

Looking after orphaned kittens can pose a challenge to many individuals, however, those who are enthusiastic about cats are well-prepared to tackle the job. These small cats need constant care and warmth to overcome the difficult circumstances they endure.

Taking care of kittens can sometimes lead to inadvertently spoiling them, which can result in the development of negative behaviors in cats.

Introducing Okaki, a tiny feline who was abandoned by her mother. Thankfully, a group of kind-hearted people stepped in to help and took on the responsibility of looking after her.

Throughout the day, Okaki was frequently fed milk from a bottle. This led him to link the bottle with sustenance, causing him to demand it whenever it was in sight. He even created a distinct meow for when he craved the bottle, which his human companions quickly learned to identify as a signal that he was hungry.

As Okaki grew older and no longer relied on the bottle for sustenance, he still found himself craving it because it brought him great pleasure to drink from it. The bottle became a source of solace and delight for the lovable feline.

At times, he would go to extreme measures just to lay his hands on the scrumptious delight, making an effort to climb the adjacent cloth. His determination to satiate his cravings knew no bounds.

Thankfully, the need for formula is no longer necessary for him as he has blossomed into a fully grown, hefty feline. Nevertheless, his loved ones will always hold dear the sweet memories of him as a wee, imploring kitten who was yet to learn the ways of adulthood. It’s simply heartwarming!

I came across this lovely photo on Lovemeow.com and the credit for it belongs to Kachimo.

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