“From Furry Friend to Therapy Dog: Maggie’s Journey of Growth and Healing”

Maggie has made incredible progress and has now become a therapy dog! Despite being shot 17 times and pregnant, she miraculously survived and found her forever home. This 5-year-old dog is truly inspiring with the obstacles she has overcome.

Maggie’s story is a tale of bravery and perseverance that began in Lebanon. She was found tied up to a box, with one ear missing and her mouth broken. Maggie was subjected to unimaginable torture and shot 17 times with a shotgun while carrying her unborn child, which left her completely blind.

A dog in Lebanon caught the attention of a concerned individual who shared their plight on social media. Fortunately, a woman from London came across the post and reached out to The Wild At Heart Foundation for help. With their assistance, Maggie was rescued. Although she had to undergo numerous surgeries and treatments, she eventually found her forever home in Brighton, England.

Kasey Carlin, who is 25 years old, owns an Instagram star named Maggie, who has a massive following of over 248,000 users. Kasey left her job at a dog-care center to manage Maggie’s social media account full-time. According to Kasey, Maggie has taught her and others valuable lessons, which are applicable in life. These lessons include not judging a book by its cover, the power of love, humility, living life to the fullest, serving others, creating one’s happiness, and being able to achieve anything with belief. Kasey feels that Maggie inspires her every day to become a better version of herself and strive towards accomplishing her goals.

Maggie recently became a certified therapy dog, spreading joy and calmness in various places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and colleges. Her presence has been well-received by the people she met. Not only has she earned the affection of her owners, but also her fellow furry friend, Mishka, at home.

On a daily basis, I am constantly amazed by the number of individuals who are part of her tale. It’s surprising since no one showed any interest in her for a long time, and the only reason I chose to foster her was that nobody else did. It brings me immense joy that she can now spread a positive message to the world, states Kasey with pleasure.

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