Heartwarming Story of a Samaritan Saving a Stranded Canine in the Himalayan Mountains.

As someone who cares deeply about animals, it is our responsibility to stand up against any type of mistreatment, abandonment, or harm inflicted upon them. Rather than turning a blind eye and letting the situation persist, we must take action to ensure that these innocent creatures are not made to suffer unnecessarily.

During his journey to a monastery situated in the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan, Tim Gorski, a filmmaker and animal activist, came across a sick stray dog that was almost hairless but very friendly. Tim felt the urge to save the dog’s life and nurse it back to health. The dog showed appreciation for Tim’s help and was named after him as a tribute. The Maya Foundation shared this heartwarming story on Facebook and attached a photo of Tim with the dog. They also mentioned that Tim, like many others who visit the holy site, went on a pilgrimage to the monastery in search of salvation. This lucky dog was fortunate to have met Tim on his journey!

Tim contacted Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care to get in touch with The Maya Foundation and let them know about his dog that needed some special attention. Thanks to his initiative, his furry friend was pampered with the Barnyard Spa package, which included a grooming session, bath, and nail clipping.

Shortly after, Tim’s physical condition seemed to have improved significantly, and his beautiful fur started growing back.

In a touching post, Tim Gorki stressed the significance of displaying compassion towards animals. He highlighted the fact that acts of kindness and love carry more weight than apathy and hostility. Tim encouraged individuals to act upon animal distress instead of overlooking it.

Set aside some time to engage with the animal and decide what action to take if needed. Don’t just walk by feeling sorry or powerless because you have the power to make a change while the animals may not.

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