How a Chihuahua and Compassion Helped Heal a Broken Heart and Saved Over 30 Small Dogs

Throughout his lifetime, Bobby Humphreys had been a proud owner of three Rottweilers alongside his wife. Due to this, he always considered himself a “big dog person” and chuckled at his friends who walked their petite pooches. The idea of adopting a tiny dog such as a Chihuahua never once crossed his mind.

To be honest, I used to tease my male buddies if they ever dated a woman who had a tiny pooch. I admit that I had never really opened myself up to the idea of owning one myself.

Bobby’s life took a sudden turn when his 17-year-old marriage crumbled, leaving him heartbroken and depressed. He even contemplated ending his own life. Thankfully, his friend Connie stood by him, offering unwavering support during this trying time.

Bobby shared with I Heart Dogs how his friend, Connie, had exemplified true friendship by always being there for him whenever he needed help. He felt a sense of indebtedness towards her. One day, Connie requested Bobby to take care of her dear pet, Lady the Chihuahua, for some time. Initially, he was skeptical as Lady appeared to be unwelcoming during their previous meeting. Additionally, Humphreys, a person who used to mock men owning small dogs like Lady, made Bobby feel conscious about it. However, Bobby decided to help his friend since he believed he owed her. His decision not only saved his life but also that of 30 Chihuahuas.

Upon bringing Lady home, Bobby was amazed by her behavior, as it was different from what he’d seen before. The small Chihuahua crawled onto his lap, spent time with him, and they formed a strong bond pretty quickly. When Connie visited to check on them, she was taken aback by the sight of the two cuddling. Bobby’s affection for small dogs grew significantly after this experience.

Once Lady went back to live with Connie, Bobby made the decision to welcome a Chihuahua into his home. He came across Kira, a young pup who was only one year old. She had been rescued from living in horrendous conditions by her previous owners. Bobby took it upon himself to rescue and nurture Kira back to health, teaching her how to love and trust people once again.

Bobby began bringing in numerous Chihuahuas that had experienced difficulties or had specific requirements. As time went by, he decided to launch his passion project which was an animal rescue organization named Big Guy, Little World Sanctuary.

Bobby explained that their organization is dedicated to saving Chihuahuas from a variety of tough circumstances, such as neglect, abuse, starvation, disabilities, and mental health issues. They give these dogs the option of either living with them permanently in a loving home or nursing them back to health before finding them a new forever family. Their main goal is to provide assistance and a better life for as many Chihuahuas as possible.

Meet Bobby, a kind-hearted man with a massive build! He has taken upon himself the task of rescuing and looking after more than 30 Chihuahuas. For those who want to witness the cuteness overload of Bobby’s furry friends, head over to his Facebook page. Spread the word about Bobby’s compassionate work by sharing this article with your pals!

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