“Meow-some Mischief: A Hungry Cat’s Mission to Conquer Fridge and Cabinet Locks”

As someone who has a furry feline companion, it’s crucial to monitor their weight. That being said, not all cats need to be a certain size to be content and fit. A prime example of this is a clever black and white cat residing in Bristol, England, known for his insatiable appetite for delectable treats. His owner, Sara Matthews, went as far as putting child locks on the refrigerator, but her sly cat managed to outwit them. Despite his love for food, he’s still a happy and healthy kitty.

Keith was a homeless feline who had nobody to call his own until Sara came into his life. He had been struggling with digestive problems and malnutrition prior to being rescued. In order to make her daughter’s 10th birthday special and provide her with emotional support for her autism, Sara made the decision to adopt Keith. Despite being warmly welcomed into their home, the playful cat was caught prowling around the kitchen at night, trying to raid the fridge and cupboards for some tasty treats.

The family came to realize that their feline had an unquenchable hunger for food, prompting Sara to buy locks as a remedy to stop him from overindulging. As per Sara, the cat would devour any edibles that crossed his path, be it veggies or pizza crusts foraged from their and their neighbors’ trash bins.

Sara had no idea about Keith’s impressive intellect and determination until a certain incident occurred. In an attempt to keep her mischievous cat from messing with a heavy bag, she placed it in front of a cabinet. But to her surprise, Keith used his powerful 24-pound body instead of his agile paws to move the bag out of the way.

A woman shared that every time she opened her fridge, her pet would jump in, causing her worry that the animal may get stuck inside without her knowledge. To prevent this from happening, she decided to store her pet’s food in plastic containers with reliable and secure snap-on covers. Even puzzle feeders didn’t do the trick as the curious creature would just knock them over.

Keith, a 9-year-old cat, has been gaining weight over the past 7 years, which is causing concern for his owner, Sara. Despite their attempts to manage Keith’s diet, he continued to put on weight. Eventually, they discovered that Keith was sneaking around their neighbors’ garbage bins in search of food. This behavior added to Keith’s weight woes. Additionally, his medication for stomach issues also contributed to his weight gain. To combat this problem, an appetite stimulant was prescribed to encourage Keith to eat.

During his early years, Keith was fed a specific diet to help him with his digestive problems, which he struggled with. But as he grew older, Keith’s appetite grew too and he started stealing food from other cats. This caused concern for his family, who were worried about the impact it would have on his health and overall well-being. To ensure that Keith remained healthy, Sara went above and beyond by spending approximately US$3459.96 to make sure he did not contract any illnesses.

Sara revealed that their furry feline has been quite the investment throughout the years. As a little kitty, he dealt with some eye and ear problems, which resulted in multiple medication purchases. On top of that, his unique dietary requirements amounted to £70 per bag for three whole years. The latest expense was the hefty £2,500 they spent on blood tests to check for potential Cushing’s disease or diabetes, but it turns out it was negative.

Sara was determined to do everything in her power to save her beloved cat, no matter the cost. Despite her unwavering devotion, social media users were not swayed by the updates she shared about Keith’s progress in shedding some weight.

Sara revealed that they have been receiving negative feedback online regarding the size of their cat. Previously, she would have assumed that they were not providing appropriate care for their pet or overfeeding him. Nevertheless, after consulting with a veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition, they were assured that they had taken all necessary measures to uphold their cat’s well-being. Although the disapprovals they receive are painful, they remain strong in their convictions and are confident that they are making the best choices for their cherished feline friend.

Sara is not entirely certain about Keith’s weight, but he appears to be content and cheerful. Keith has amassed a significant Instagram following, with nearly 95,000 fans eagerly anticipating his next post. Sara’s other two cats might also assist her daughter in developing her social abilities.

Sara mentioned that despite her cat Keith’s weight, he remains happy and joyful. She thinks that Keith doesn’t let his weight affect him and carries on with his routine like any other cat. In fact, Sara observed that Keith is more playful and energetic compared to her other two cats.

Sara’s loved ones, as well as those who oppose Keith, are seeking the blessings and guidance of the Almighty to experience joy, sound wellbeing, and unconditional affection.

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