My favourite cat Instagram page is that of Mingus, a 16-year old oriental shorthair from Stockholm

It’s wonderful to hear that you have a favorite cat Instagram page featuring Mingus, a 16-year-old Oriental Shorthair from Stockholm. Social media has given pet owners and cat enthusiasts a delightful platform to share the adorable and often entertaining moments of their furry companions. Mingus, being a senior cat, likely has a wealth of charming and heartwarming stories to tell through his photos and videos.


Oriental Shorthairs are known for their sleek, elegant appearance and lively personalities, making them ideal subjects for Instagram. They often have striking features and captivating eyes, which can make for some truly captivating content.


\Following a cat’s Instagram page can be a source of daily joy and inspiration for cat lovers. It allows you to connect with a community of fellow feline enthusiasts and share in the love for these charming pets. Mingus, with his 16 years of wisdom, must have a captivating presence on his Instagram page, showcasing the beauty and personality of senior cats.

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