“Survivor Pup: From the Brink of Death to Enduring Stares and Judgments, A Call for Empathy and Understanding”

A canine was rescued just moments before being put down, and now she grabs everyone’s attention. People can’t help but stop and stare at her.

Angel bears visible scars on her face, yet her story is not one of defeat. According to ilovemydog, Angel was rescued in 2015 from a dog meat trade in China. Unfortunately, before her rescue, Angel was disfigured by the very people who were supposed to capture her for transport. Luckily for Angel, animal activists intervened and saved her from becoming a victim of the barbaric trade. However, the tools used to catch and remove her left her with noticeable scars. Despite the trauma she has endured, Angel continues to thrive and inspire those around her.

Angel underwent a surgical procedure in Beijing before being transported to the UK by the compassionate team at Rushton Dog Rescue. When Hollie Cornes, a 25-year-old dog lover, saw Angel for the first time, she knew immediately that she wanted to adopt her. However, despite already having undergone surgery, Angel required additional medical attention to ensure a long and fulfilling life. According to Cornes, Angel’s scan revealed that her nose was severely scarred, obstructing her ability to breathe on one side. Fortunately, there was a small opening on the other side of her nose.

Without worrying about her appearance, she took the decision to prioritize Angel’s breathing and comfort. She did not want to burden the dog with any unnecessary stress or take actions for the sake of aesthetics. The kindness of people who donated to the fundraiser made it possible for Angel to undergo surgery. As a result, Angel is currently leading a happy life, according to Cornes.

It brings us so much joy to see Hollie and Angel together, and we send them our warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

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