“The Tale of a Stray Persian Cat’s Rescue by a Kind-Hearted Family”

Introducing Augustus, or affectionately known as “Gus Gus”! This charming feline is a rescued Persian cat residing in the lovely city of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s quite surprising that a cat as adorable and charming as Gus Gus was found wandering on the streets for several months before he was thankfully rescued. Madeline, his loving human mom, shares with us all about Gus Gus in the heartwarming story below.

The first time I laid eyes on Augustus, my heart skipped a beat. He was my very first foster cat under the care of Fluff Nashville. We agreed that his name suited him perfectly, as he exuded a charming personality that reminded us of Gus Gus from Cinderella. Augustus is a delightful little Persian mix who we rescued after he had been wandering the streets for months. I recall the day we went to retrieve him, his big blue eyes peering through the carrier, and I felt an instant connection to this adorable feline.

As I extended my hand to stroke him, he responded with a purr that was music to my ears. It was as though we were meant to be together from the very beginning. Upon reaching home, he had the unmistakable aroma of trash and couldn’t seem to get enough to eat, devouring three helpings of cat food.

Fostering Fiasco
Throughout the time we cared for him, I found myself shedding tears each day knowing that we would eventually have to give him up.
It felt like he was already a part of our family!
Although we were already pleased with our two adorable cats, Khaleesi and Toogie, I eventually convinced my husband to let me bring in another furry friend.

Gus Gus turned out to be a foster pet that we just couldn’t let go of! But we learned our lesson and decided that three cats is the maximum for our household. Since then, my spouse and I have taken in close to 30 cats as fosters, and we’ve managed to resist the urge to keep them all.

Can you tell us about Gus Gus’s character?
Gus Gus has the most endearing personality. Upon my return from work, he is always excited to see me and eagerly meows while running down the stairs. He is my constant companion, following me around tirelessly.

My furry friend just can’t get enough of me as he follows me everywhere in the house, always seeking attention and affection. I often find him snuggling next to my head on my pillow, and he seems to enjoy dozing off in my company. Although he definitely likes my husband too, there’s no denying that he’s a total mama’s boy.

Gus, the fluffy pup, may appear huge, but in reality, he is quite petite with a weight of merely 7 pounds. Though the exact age of Gus remains unknown, the veterinarian has predicted him to be between 4 to 6 years old.

He adores being in the spotlight and receiving compliments for his Halloween outfits! I personally find him incredibly dashing when he’s all dressed up. It’s not uncommon for people to immediately fall head over heels for him upon meeting him!

With his friendly and welcoming nature, Gus Gus never fails to make an impression on anyone who comes through our door. Whether it’s our house guests, the vet, or even the cat groomer, he always manages to win their hearts. It’s safe to say that he has become an integral part of our family, bringing us endless happiness and laughter along the way.

Madeline is a kind-hearted individual who takes care of cats and kittens by fostering them through FLUFF Nashville. If you’re interested in seeing more of the adorable felines that Madeline and Gus Gus take care of, be sure to follow them on Instagram. You can stay up-to-date with their latest adventures and see all the cute photos and videos they share.

I just have to say, Gus Gus is one handsome feline! However, it’s important to remember that he is a rescue cat. At National Kitty, we are huge supporters of adopting rescue cats. Instead of turning to breeders for specific cat breeds, consider checking out local rescues first. There are plenty of purebred cats surrendered to shelters and rescue groups who are in need of their forever homes. Even if the organization doesn’t currently have the breed you’re searching for, they can add you to a waitlist and notify you when they do. This way, you can find the cat of your dreams while also making an ethical choice. Remember, adopt don’t shop!

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