“Tick-Infested Dog: A Heartbreaking Sight of Suffering and Pain”

Stray Pup Heavily Infected With Thousands Of Ticks Can’t Even Stand From Pain And Weakness

A stray dog in Donna, Texas has been found to be infested with numerous ticks, causing him immense pain and weakness to the point that he couldn’t even stand. The rescuers were shocked upon seeing the condition of the poor pup.

In Texas, a little dog was struggling to survive on the streets. She had been so badly neglected that her life was in danger. Eventually, she wandered into a stranger’s yard, who immediately contacted Dallas Dog – Rescue. Rehab. Reform for help. The poor puppy was covered in ticks, from her head to her toes. There were so many ticks that it was hard to see her fur. They were all over her ears, chest, back, and paws.

It was difficult for her to remain on her feet due to her severe anemia. She was transported to the hospital and received life-saving care and a blood transfusion. Dallas DogRRR-Rescue.Rehab.Reform in Allen, Texas, shared on Facebook that the charming stray approached a stranger’s yard and requested assistance!

“Today must be Amora’s lucky day!” exclaimed the rescuer as they transported the dog to the partnered veterinarian for urgent care. The poor pup was deemed critical and the team is doing everything they can to stabilize her health before flying her to Dallas. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what her prognosis will be. Please be advised that the following video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Exciting news came in the morning that brought a lot of relief! According to a source on site, Mi Amor made it through the night and is now being approached by the hospital staff. They will start feeding her soon, and more ticks have arrived to assist with her care. Although they don’t mind if I visit and help with cleaning, I’ll wait until the office gives the green light. This morning, they will run another CBC to see if she needs more transfusions. I asked them to inform us ASAP if she needs to be moved to another facility for further treatment. All remaining ticks were removed on the same day.

In just a couple of days after being taken in by Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab, Amora was ready for fostering. Luckily, the Reform shelter picked her up for adoption. However, when her foster mother first met her, Amora was extremely timid. It took them over 20 minutes to convince her to come out of the car and into her new home. Even then, her foster mother opted not to introduce her to her other dogs right away but they were already curious about their new furry friend.

It was a heartwarming moment when I comforted my furry friend who was quivering and showing signs of aggression towards the new visitors. After some time, she realized that they posed no threat and even started taking cues from them. The unlikely pair of my female German Shepherd, Ava, and the newcomer soon became inseparable, with Ava teaching her the ropes of potty training which has been a success thus far. No more indoor accidents!

Despite experiencing fear, she seeks refuge on the bathroom mat or beds in the designated “dog room.” However, she now displays more trust and independence as she navigates around the house without assistance. Our efforts are focused on acquainting her with car rides, harnesses, being carried, and bathing rituals. She derives confidence from the company of another dog or someone she trusts. Her desire to be in someone’s company is perpetual.

After a year of being under foster care, Amora finally found her permanent home with her foster mother. She is now living happily with her brother, who has remained her close companion. Interestingly enough, Amora also gets to spend her days at work with her father!

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